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Featured or Page ‘header’ images

I’ve resized & cropped these to 1280 x 550 pixels ( saved at 80% for jpegs)

Page Images – the “Babies & Children” image you made is – 1024 x 570  the “Acupuncture Back” image is 1280 x 550

I tend to prefer to have 2 or 3 relatively ‘fixed’ sizes for the various images for consistency – but maybe that’s just me…

Images within the text in the ‘mixed media content blocks – initially I’ve just used the sizes as sent or where they were big files (e.g. acupunc… shoulder & back) I’ve sized them down to 1280 wide

Normally PC screens will work at 96 DPI – but Apple etc. will accept images at twice that definition so setting images to 180 / 200 DPI will be fine (the default ones were 300 DPI and saved at 99% – which makes for a huge file -5MB+)  Resizing and resampling images and saving them at 80% will save bandwidth and the server having to process them on upload

Theme hack

to remove ‘Category Archives’ text from blog or search

content theme / Vantage / inc / template-tags.php line

362 – $prefix = __( ‘Category Archives:’, ‘vantage’ );

remove “Category Archives:”